Looking for a new career?

Are you ready to leave behind the typical 9 to 5 grind and jump into a career that’s as exhilarating as it is rewarding? Kitty Cat Now Louisville is on the lookout for vibrant personalities who are eager to light up any party. Here’s why joining our team could be the best career decision you’ll ever make

Step into a world of excitement

Forget about the daily drudge! At Kitty Cat Now Louisville, every event is a new adventure. From electrifying bachelor parties to spirited birthday celebrations, your days will be filled with excitement and unique experiences. It’s never just another day at the office, it’s another day of making unforgettable memories.

Flexibility that fits your life

Who says you have to stick to a rigid schedule? Not us! We celebrate flexibility, offering you the chance to work when it suits you best. Whether that means rocking the late-night events or owning the weekend scene, you can build your schedule around your life, not the other way around.

Be part of a fun-loving team

At Kitty Cat Now, ‘team’ means family. We thrive on energy, enthusiasm, and a mutual love for creating standout events. You’ll work alongside people who are not just your colleagues but also your cheerleaders, always ready to support and encourage one another.

Earn while you entertain

Not only will you enjoy where you work, but you’ll also love the rewards. At Kitty Cat Now, competitive compensation meets lucrative tipping opportunities, making every gig both a financial and a fun gain.

A safe and respectful workplace

We’re all about fun, but not at the expense of our team’s safety and well-being. Kitty Cat Now Louisville is committed to maintaining a professional environment where respect rules and safety standards are never compromised.

Dive into your new career

If a dynamic, engaging career is what you’re after, look no further. Kitty Cat Now is ready to welcome you into an environment where work feels like play, and every event is an opportunity to perform and delight.

Interested? Reach out today and find out more about how you can join the festivities and excitement at Kitty Cat Now. Let’s make every event not just a party, but a memorable celebration!

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