Divorce Parties: Don’t Have A Pity Party Call Us And Have A Kitty Party!

Did your friend just get Divorced? Don’t have a pity party call us and have a Kitty Party! We care deeply for our brothers that are hurting. Certainly doing everything you can to inject a bit of happiness into their lives after a major breakup or calamity in their lives. When taking them out to a bar may be too risky, plan a party in the confines of your home or vacation rental to ensure it’s risqué! Any variation of our Erotic or Fantasy Shows is sure to tempt and tease him back to his former glory. Our parties provide a fun and sexy show in privacy to ensure your buddy gets back on his feet.

Hey I Might Get A Lap Dance Out Of This!

That’s right simply by throwing a party for your newly single friend you may in fact satisfy your own gratification. Lap Dances are the perfect medicine to soothe your ailing soul. Breakups can be absolutely soul-crushing but our lovely  Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers will wholeheartedly lift their spirits and your expectations! Performing every parlor trick in their arsenal and tricks in their toolbox to bring a smile back on his face.

If You’re Not Drunk and Half Naked By This Point You’re Not Paying Attention

Paying attention to our friend’s happiness truly shows you care! Incorporating any of our various Erotic or Fantasy Shows is the perfect pick-me-up for your newly single friend. At the touch of your finger, you can have sensationally sexy and Fully Nude Strippers come to your coveted Man Cave in a flash to put on a wild show for you! Don’t miss this opportunity for an epic sendoff into singledom when you incorporate our  Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers into your party!

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