Book Louisville’s Hottest Strippers For Your Bachelor Party

In Louisville, we like it Hot!  We appreciate robust bourbon, fast horses and we like our women hot, fast, and robust. We like them rode hard and put away wet. Whether you infer that last statement to be about horses or women we’ll leave that up to your own personal interpretation. A true Louisville man has simple tastes but, these traits have been refined over many generations. We learned from our granddaddies how special these simple pleasures can be.

Take Some Time Everyday To Be Grateful

A Louisville man has taste and distinction, he knows what he wants and knows exactly how to get it. It is the simple pleasures we’ll reflect on in our golden years the exuberance and vitality of youthful indulgences. Even if you don’t always recognize that man starring back at you in the mirror it doesn’t mean you can’t act like a young buck again!

Kitty Cat Now Will Make You Feel Like A Stud Again!

It’s not too late to gather up your nearest and dearest to plan one heck of a party! Allow our busty  Kitty Cat’s™ Fully Nude Strippers to make you feel like a kid again! With a simple call to your favorite local and trusted Stripping Agency we can send Hot, Fast, and Robust (emphasis on the Bust ) to your door in a flash to entertain you and your friends to the wee hours of a Kentucky mornin’!

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